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About us

Established in the year 1994, We Best Employment Services, had started as a Employment Service and Manpower Agency now are one of the noted overseas placement agency. We began handling a comprehensive range of travel related services overseas to achieve our present undisputed status. Moreover, we also served our esteemed clients by Cook, Babycare, Patient Care, Housekeeper, Drivers. Our organization has progressed gradually step by step setting up reputation and emerged as a trusted name in arena of manpower recruitment. We are one of the leading organizations, that is instrumental in carrying out placement services for potential candidates and organizations. Our team of HR personnel follows a well structured selection process that initiates with the careful and thorough understanding of the client’s requirements.

Best Employment Service was formed in the year 2000 to meet our client's manpower requirements in an unrivalled manner whilst maintaining the high standards. Universal Employment Service is one of the discernible organizations in chennai for House Maid Services in Chennai. Popularly known as BES.
We are specialized in supplying both skilled and semi skilled labour for your home or work space. Our aspiration is to deliver customized and authentic staffing solutions for every client.

  • Maid Services, House Maid Services in Chennai, Part Time Maid Services, Full Time Maid Services
  • Cooking Services for both Veg, Non – Veg, for brahims also
  • Baby Care Taker in Chennai, Baby Nanny Services, Baby sitter Service
  • Patient Care Taker in Chennai, Old Age Person Care Taker
  • Domestic Helpers in Chennai


Avail the Best House Maid Services in Chennai

Workforce requirement is one of the most underestimated services in the world. With more people becoming career oriented and excelling in a plethora of industries, it has become highly essential to have a support system at home. There is a high demend for House Maid Services in Chennai which is evident from the steady increase in house maid salary in chennai. There are enough people to be able to meet up with the growing demend, but what lacks is the crucial link between the two. This is where Best Employment Services makes a difference to your lives by easing out the process for you.

Domestic Helpers in Chennai – You Focus on Your Career, We Focus On You!

Best Employment Services, from it's inception in 2000, has been instrumental in meeting the workforce requirements for Domestic Helpers in Chennai, Be it a full time maid in chennai or a part-time worker, We have the expertise and the bandwidth to get you the person who will perform their duties as per your requirement. Popularly known to our clients as BES, we specialize in the supply of both skilled and semi-skilled labour for your workplace or home. Customized services and verified staffs are our pillars of strength in delivering high-quality unrivalled services to our clients for more than 18 years.

Comprehensive Baby Nanny Services / Babysitters in Chennai

A baby in the house is a pure joy! It is not possible for anyone else to give the same amount of love and affection to the little one like that of their parents. Our nannies/babysitters are all verified and reliable resources that you can trust that they will give their best to replicate the care that is provided by the parents, much to your surprise. This is the main reason that our clients happily call our Baby Nanny Services / Babysitters in Chennai as a second mother, which adds to our pride.
Also, you do not have to worry much about babysitting charges in chennai, as we customise the rates based on the services that are required.

Patient & Baby Care Taker in Chennai – We Take Care of Them For You!

Gone are the days when we used to live in a joint family where the grandparents were taking care of the grandchildren and vice-versa. In today's busy nuclear life, it is critical that there is a helping hand at home to take care of ageing parents and/or babies. Relaibility and Sincerity are the two main features that you need to look forward in a patient & Baby Care Taker in Chennai. The 'care' is most important far a care taker job in chennai. The resorces that we will recommend are 'care' fully chosen to make sure that they meet the needs of the needy.

Cooking Is A Choice – House Maid Cooking Services in Chennai

Just like any other household chore, cooking is something that has to be taken up by choice and not compulsion. With plenty of cooks for hire in chennai, why would you want to take up this tedious routine? Would you like to taste delicious and healthy food day in and day out in the comfort of your own home? Sounds yummy, isn't it? Our House Maid Cooking Services in Chennai will make this a reality for you. Experienced and having an eye for taste, our resources will make you yearn for more.


Our Methodolgy

We plan and execute every task in a prompt and hassle free manner so as to accomplish complete client satisfaction. Our dedicated workforce follows a well structured selection process that initiates with the careful and thorough understanding of the clients’ requirements. Once we comprehend the specific criteria detailed by them, then only we move ahead in undertaking the job work assigned.We, being a leading overseas placement agency, have dedicatedly appointed a diligent and competent team of professionals.

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